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Still Life Still Lifes

Still Life Still Lifes


To keep creative (and positive) during the COVID-19 isolation period, I took still life photographs of fruit and vegetables sitting in the kitchen and odd-balls at the supermarket. These shoots were my way of navigating this strange time. Each set of images is informed by the subject’s form, colour and my emotions at the time. The methods range from studio lighting, natural sunlight and are mostly taken on a DSLR unless specified otherwise. Sharing was caring in this situation and my friend, Christy, supported my endeavour by creating her own shoots.

Art direction
Set design

3 April 2020

“I’ve been feeling quite idle and down because of everything happening at the moment. I decided to go back to a previous hobby of playing with fruits. I setup up a backdrop, stool and tripod in the backyard. I have to stop when the rain started.”

Shot on iPhone.

13 April 2020


Woolworths carries “Odd Bunch” product which packages ugly and disfigured fruit and veg. This bag of carrots had a peg in it.

The carrot peg is a handy and stylish carrot clothes peg. Its strong hold-system is a must have!

19 April 2020


I looked in the fridge and saw a wonderful array of green. During this shoot I wanted to highlight the wide range of hues but also reflect ideas of togetherness and comradery.

20 April 2020


This idea of placing peas on the surface of an apple came to me in a dream. I like how the final form remains ambiguous; is it a pimply apple, virus cell, or meteor?

22 April 2020

I have always thought that an okra pod looked like a tampon.

25 April 2020


My mum saw these odd pastries at the shops and bought them for me to shoot. I call this collection “Crossiant Tableware” and I’ve got to say that they are selling like hotcakes!

28 April 2020


Ugly persimmons from the supermarket. There were many other odd ones, but this specimen tops the lot.

4 May 2020


Cosmic Salad

11 May 2020

“I was thinking about how plastic as the ultimate material. It comes in so many types of shapes, sizes and finishes for every purpose. While incredibly useful and versatile, excessive plastic consumption and waste is a problem. Despite limiting plastic use where possible (avoiding takeaway food and drinks, bringing cutlery, reusing everything), it's unavoidable. ⁣What do I do with that empty bottle of shampoo? ⁣The empty tub of moisturiser?⁣ The container sold with berries? ⁣Can we change our relationship to packaging and plastic? ⁣Can this material be something beautiful?⁣”

Shot on iPhone.

11 May 2020


Winter is citrus season. This shoot aims to highlight all the colours and shapes of citrus varieties. The fruit includes both home grown and supermarket produce. The round forms were difficult to stack and build taller scuptures.

Mandarin Audio bars (listen with sound)

14 May 2020


My classmates and I were expected to graduate in May. Due to COVID-19, the ceremony had to be postponed. Instead, I remained determined to get a printed photo souvenir of the event with the entire class. 

19 May 2020

Introducing the Eggplant Travel Neck Pillow. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Miss that airplane feeling?⁣
The cabin noise?⁣
The delicious reheat meal?⁣
The cramped aisle seats?⁣

While we wait patiently to fly again, bring the feeling of air travel home with the Eggplant Travel Pillow. So comfy and so, so yummy.

22 June 2020

Six capsicums and one netted bag

6 July 2020


Fruit, veg and plastic mesh